Tour Countdown: 3 Weeks…


The Cheasty Boys at Redondo

With this year’s tour a mere three weeks away, the Cheasties have ramped up their training.  On Saturday, a few of us headed out on an 80+ mile route to the south, following the coast down, then going through the Auburn/Kent Valley coming home.    Weather conditions were ideal.  Two more weeks of training, followed by a rest week should see us all in pretty good form for the tour.


Losing a Cheasty Boy to the Big Apple



Timbo is moving on and leaving the rest of his PNW cycling family behind.  Wednesday was his last WNW, and we took one last ride with him up and over our namesake hill.  The evening ended like so many other Wednesdays with a beer or two at Copper Coin.  Jeff topped of the night with a well written toast.  Cheers Tim!