Spring Tease


It seems as though every year, we get a small break in the dreary weather and get a preview of the Spring weather that will (eventually) show up.  Then the weather turns sour again, and we have to wait months for the spring-like weather to return.

Wednesday night was this year’s teaser.

The sunshine brought out nine Cheasties for a spirited romp along a mash-up course from Route-Maker extraordinaire Jeff.



Losing a Cheasty Boy to the Big Apple



Timbo is moving on and leaving the rest of his PNW cycling family behind.  Wednesday was his last WNW, and we took one last ride with him up and over our namesake hill.  The evening ended like so many other Wednesdays with a beer or two at Copper Coin.  Jeff topped of the night with a well written toast.  Cheers Tim!