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Back in the 80s, Cascade Bicycle Club had an organized weekly ride starting out of West Seattle.  Over time, its participation ebbed and flowed.  At one point, some of the regulars decided to try a little racing, and the Alki Bicycle Club (ABC) racing team was born.

At some point, participation completely fizzled out, and the official Cascade ride dissappeared.

Fast-forward 20+ years, and some Cascade members decided to re-start the Wednesday night West Seattle ride.  Thus, in the summer of 2009 the Cascade calendar showed a ride starting out of Jack Block park and people once again were riding on an official Cascade ride out of Alki.  One rider who showed up was actually one of the original riders from the 80s!

In October of 2009, the official Cascade ride was discontinued for the Fall/Winter seasons, with the plan to start it back up in the Spring.  That never happened.  What did happen though, was that even without an “official” Cascade ride, some of the Wednesday Nighters continued to show up.  The group slowly expanded to include more and more riders, with some from outside of West Seattle.  The spiritual successors to the original ABC team from the 80s, they became a close-knit group and the “Cheasty Boys” (named after one of their favorite climbs) were born.

This is their site.

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