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2 Cheasties kick off 1st Annual Rainier Ride




From Jeff:

“On Friday Pete and I took off from Seattle early and rode the Cayuse, Chinook, Sunrise sections of Mt. Rainier. I had never done these, and it was spectacular. The climb and descent of Chinook was wide open with high pavement quality and non-stop views of the mountain. Sunrise was a challenge heading up, getting above the tree line to reveal an absolutely massive vista of Mt. Rainier. We had ourselves an $8 BLT at the Sunrise Lodge and were reminded by a park ranger even the weeds are sensitive and should not be used as bike parking, to which Pete grumbled, “We’ll see who the real boss is when this mountain blows.” After my laughter died down we descended Sunrise – a Tour quality drop with swoops and switchbacks and straight-aways. All fibers and resins and epoxies and tear ducts were strained in pursuit of good times.

We agreed this would be an excellent July tradition for the Cheasty Boys. Week day pursuit recommended…”

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Wet Wednesday

Cheasties trade in two wheels for none, cruise Lake Union.

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